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How to Play

How to play Magic Polyomino

How to Play

The main goal of Magic Polyomino game: fun, score, relax. To play the game simply arrange polyomino figures along the perimeter – do not leave gaps. Have a look at a demo video.


Double-tap figure to rotate. Keep taping to keep figure rotating. When two figures overlap, no figure rotation is possible.


When perimeter is complete, figures along the perimeter disappear and you earn points. The rest of the figures glide from the center towards perimeter.


Try to cluster figures of one color to earn more points. You can re-arrange figures at any time. The best known top score at the moment is 214 678. The more colors you cluster along the perimeter, the more points your get. Ideally you should use only one color, but it is virtually impossible.


You can select 5, 6, or 7 block figures (pentomino, hexomino, and heptomino). You can do this on the “Settings” page. Again, have a look at our demo video.


You earn points faster when playing difficult levels. You go to a next level each time 3 perimeters are completed.


The game ends when there is no space for new figures or when overlapping figure blinks 10 times.